"Be our guest!" - Lumiere the Candelabra

As heard at The Silver Spring House Restaurant. Free Trial.

A little atmosphere, please!

You see it in the decor and the smiles of the staff. Of course, you smell it in the air. At La Sen Vietnamese Grill (5 locations and growing) in Portland, Oregon, you hear it. All of the elements work together. This place will make you a lover of vietnamese cuisine.

Hem 23 is the newest addition to the Vietnamese food scene in Portland. At this restaurant the air is filled with the scent of lemongrass and tumeric... and music from Vietnam. The specially-curated music mix was inspired by restauranteur Tuan Lam who was born in Saigon. Lam says his newest restaurant features Vietnamese street food, including noodle soups, grilled shrimp and frog legs.

"Music is a very important part of the atmosphere at a Vietnamese restaurant, and setting up a streaming music service is easy to do," says Shelagh Koets, Chief Orchstrator at Brandi Music. "We definitely spend time talking to clients to get feedback on the music selections."

Concerned about restaurant music licensing?

Restaurants are frequent targets of licensing executives (people who work for music licensing organizations) who will listen to the restaurant music system to track licensed content, then present a letter requesting fees. Brandi provides restaurant music licensing as part of a low monthly fee, so you'll never wonder about being in compliance. You're covered.

Sample Upscale Restaurant Music

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