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When Dun & Bradstreet, T-Mobile, Los Angeles County and Mitel needed a business music service, they chose Brandi Music.

Dun & Bradstreet
Los Angeles county
Highgate Hotels
Sky Fitness
Johnson Electric
Peery Hotel
Educational Systems Credit Union
Dort Federal Credit Union

Best Music Service

  • Unlimited genres and artists.
  • Profanity-free, family-friendly.
  • Blend up to 4 channels for your own mix.
  • 100% legal music in your business.


  • Proprietary shuffle for more variety.
  • No repetitive playlists.
Happy business owner has restaurant music and says he has the best sounding business in town.

Custom Music Schedules

  • Easy special mixes.
  • Try "Retro Lunch Hour" or after-hours rock.
  • Great for holidays.
  • Start and stop dates, days and times.

Block Unwanted Songs

  • Block/unblock any song.
  • View song history.
business music dashboard: log in and blend channels.


  • Songs are never interrupted.
  • Boost sales and brand loyalty.
  • Customized for any day or time of day.
  • Out of date messages are never heard.

Affordable Packages

  • Script writing & production included.
  • Fast, 3-day turnaround.
shopper in store hears announcement

Secure Streaming Solution

  • Authorized users: tamper-proof.
  • Approved in high-security environments.
  • Easy installation; wired or wireless.
  • Plays up to 2 unique streams at once.

High Quality Audio

  • 192kbps crystal clear audio.
network technician happy about solution.

All performance rights are paid on your behalf.

Brandi Music provides properly licensed business music in North America.
Learn more before playing any music in your business.

Browse Some Of The Many Brandi Business Music Channels Full Channel Listing

  • Swing with Sinatra & friends.
  • Frightfully fun Halloween soundtrack.
  • Light and friendly, including acoustic, light jazz and smooth backgrounds.
  • James Taylor and friends play 70's light rock.
  • Adult Contemporary. Today's light hits, plus some 80s thru 2000's.
  • Current alternative rock/pop tracks.
  • Singer-songwriters and modern folk.
  • Current Bright Pop Hits
  • Energetic Adult Contemporary Mix
  • Hot country songs by today's hot country stars.
  • Hits by top pop holiday all-stars.
  • Classic Christmas fun.
  • Today's top tracks plus new worship tunes.
  • Fast beats for a better workout.
  • Dance, Techno and Electronica hits with high energy.
  • Positive and fresh instrumental grooves.
  • Theraputic healing spa music.
  • Nostalgic tunes that filled jukeboxes in the late 50's and early 60's.
  • Rock and Pop from the 1960s.
  • Rock and Pop from the 1970s.
  • Best pop from 1980 to 2009.
  • Something fun for every member of the family.
  • Summer songs, plus reggae, surfer, tropical club, party and caribbean tunes.
  • The uptempo bluesy rock that goes with good beer, food and friends.

These are only some of the 70+ channels offered to all Brandi Music For Business subscribers.

Full Channel Listing

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