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What's on your Coffee Shop Music list?

When most of us think about our favorite coffee shop, we can almost smell the aromas of rich, locally-roasted coffee beans. We can also hear the acoustic, indie or jazz music that completes the picture. Music is as important to the coffee shop experience as style, decor and aroma.

Music Builds Customer Satisfaction

How many cups of coffee must a coffee shop sell before it breaks even? 179,794 (based on the average profit margin on coffee against the median coffee shop startup cost)*. Obviously, it takes more than just coffee sales to make your coffee shop profitable. Visitors must be willing to try new recipes, add-ons like shots and flavors and food items. Successful coffee shops price items based on the perceived value enjoyed by customers. The look and feel of your space can add margin because customers will appreciate the space. Think in terms of sound, sight and smell.

Coffee Shop playing music

A Forbes article reminds us why visitors choose your coffee shop in the first place:

Customers frequent a coffee shop for many more reasons than just hunger and thirst. There is the escape from a stressful office, the chance to maintain or grow a relationship, a place to get away to do some reflective work, a chance to engage with familiar coffee shop staff at a particularly lonely time, or as a place to do business and reach an agreement.

Brandi Lets You Blend Up To 4 Channels For A Custom Sound

Find a channel (or blend multiple channels) of music that keeps your coffee shop music sounding fresh. Some ideas are:

  • Blend Acoustic Cafe with Fresh Bright Hits
  • Blend Cover Cafe with Indie Alt
  • Schedule different eras and styles to change automatically at different times of the day. Try a faster tempo for the morning rush, a medium tempo mid-day and a selection of current hits for drive-time.

*Touch Bistro Blog

Brandi Music provides legal music for restaurants.

Sample Coffee Shop Music Ideas

Acoustic music artist Jack Johnson
Singer-songwriter and modern folk.
Independed artist playing guitar on Cover Cafe channel
Songs you know by artists you don't. Fresh.
Ariana Grande and other popular artists play new music on this channel.
Bright and energetic pop tunes.

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