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Attention Shoppers!

When is the last time you heard in-store announcements, also known as retail audio, point-of-purchase radio or overhead advertisements? Two-thirds of shoppers who recall hearing advertisements while shopping say they found the announcements helpful. That's just one of the fascinating facts revealed in a study by Arbitron. They found that more than 40% of the shoppers who heard a retail audio advertisement made an unplanned purchase.

Is just music enough for your retail environment?

As a retailer, you control the entire environment of your store: color, style, lighting and sound. New streaming technology allows you to runn specific ads and announcements at optimal times, easily building your brand and influencing buyers. Think of having your own radio station that plays the kind of music your customers like, and takes occasional breaks for advertising that is only for you, your brand and your products. This stream can be played in any or all of your locations, and can be customized to every store's inventory, time zone and ongoing promotions.

How it works.

Your Brandi Music online control panel lets you view all announcements. From there, you control:

  • Announcement Frequency. How many songs will play between announcements? (We never interrupt a song.)
  • Individual Announcement Settings. Set start and stop dates. Choose time(s) of day for the announcement to play.
  • Active or Inactive. Stop or start an announcement schedule with a simple on/off button.
  • Audition. Click "play" to hear the announcement.
  • Playback History. View a list of every announcement that has played, including exact times.
  • Priority Setting. Increase or decreae the frequency each announcement plays by changing the priority level to "hi", "medium" or "low".
Set overhead announcements, in store advertising messages.
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Retail Customer Experience
This online journal quotes a study whereby sales of two well-known beverage products rose nearly 60 percent during an advertising campaign incorporating directional audio (in-store audio advertising).

Arbitron Retail Media Study While this report is a few years old, it is the most exhaustive study to date on in-store retail advertising using audio messaging. The key finding is: Seven in 10 shoppers who recall hearing in-store ads have a positive attitude toward retail advertising, finding the announcements to be very or somewhat helpful to their shopping experience.

Tips For Increasing Sales Using Store Announcements

  • Use custom schedules. The Brandi announcement scheduler controls variables, such as day of the week and time of day. Play different announcements at different times of the day, to target specific audiences.
  • Modify announcement frequency. Brandi lets you choose the number of songs to be played between announcements (so songs are never interrupted). Learn the length of time shoppers are in your store at different times of the day and set the frequency of announcements accordingly.
  • Use visual cues. Studies show that the most effective announcements include a visual cue or guide, so the shopper can connect what they are hearing to what they are seeing.
  • Connect to other marketing pieces. If you're using social media, print or tv, use in store audio as a way to build on the momentum already underway. Each method of advertising can point the buyer in the same direction for greater impact and results.

The Journal of Marketing Communications published a report on the sales effects of in-store radio advertising in 2012. The researchers found that, "...although in-store radio is a point of sale medium, it is one of the few audio communications in an otherwise visual environment.". Put this unique approach to work.

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