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The music and features that work for your hotel.

Brandi Music is a hotel music service with the right features.

  • Lyric-checked and family-friendly.
  • Music scheduling for changing sounds and tempos throughout the day and night.
  • Live streams without dishes, discs or tedious playlists to manage.
  • Tamper-proof control. Online login allows authorized users to control all locations.

Make an impression with the right hotel music.

Your visitors come and go quickly. You have a very limited amount of time in which to make a memorable impression. The right music makes your brand come alive.

Make Your Own Mix Brandi Music allows you to blend different genres of music for a unique sound and greater variety. Add Chill to Fresh Bright Hits for a modern sound. Mix Cover Cafe with Acoustic Cafe for a more interesting indie feel.

Set Up Schedules The feel (mood or vibe) of your property during breakfast hours is different from the feel during cocktail hours.Brandi Music lets you easily set up music schedules for different times of day. Set up a mix of channels and style for a specific time period.

Add Zones With Unique Music What sounds work best in the lobby? What about the pool? The business center? Brandi lets you add "zones" that deliver a completely unique sound in every part of the hotel. Zones are also provided at a big discount, so get creative.

Music for your hotel - lobby, pool, business center, restaurant.

Chill Music Channel
Cover Cafe - Amazing remakes of great songs.
Acoustic Cafe Music Channel
Classic R and B Music Channel
Light Classical Music Channel.
Pool Party Music Channel

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Brandi is a music service with all the right business features.