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Advanced streaming business music player for Brandi Music.

business music player

New Streaming Music Player For Business


  • Onboard Speaker Push monitor button once to hear what's playing on channel one. Push again for channel 2; again for monitor off.
  • Remote Updates Every device will check for updated software and firmware releases. No need to ever send the unit back for updates and upgrades.
  • Failover In the event the internet connection is interrupted, this player will automatically switch over to music files on an attached USB drive, or will play internally-stored content. The device scans for a network connection constantly and connects as soon as possible.
  • Reporting Complete reporting to Easy On Hold® means more uptime and access to real-time data on how your system is working.
  • Wireless Option While a wired connection is preferred, this device offers wireless connectivity may be required in situations in which the location of the phone system is far from an internet access point.
  • Static or DHCP The Easy On Hold® Tech Team will set up your device to work with the network settings you provide. Settings are easily changed in the field, if necessary.
  • Low Bandwidth Consumption This device uses only 0.025 GB per hour at 128kBps.
  • Detailed Info Screen All stream and unit settings are displayed on the info screen.
  • Accessories Included RCA-to-3.5mm audio cable, 7-foot ethernet cable, audio adapters and mounting bracket are included in the box.
  • Auto Restart The 2-Channel Business Audio System automatically restarts after a power failure, if still plugged in.
  • Live Audio Control With your Brandi Music login you will receive access to your live audio streams, including player uptime reporting.

Our new streaming business music service device opens up a world of live streaming audio for your overhead business music system and phone on hold. This device is built with network security and maximum uptime features. user guide booklet for business music service streaming player device.

Streaming Business Music Player User Guide

More details in the 2-Channel Business Audio System User Guide

Set Up The Streaming Music Player

connect power to business music speaker

Connect streaming music player to router using supplied Ethernet cable.

audio connnection to amplifier

Use the supplied power adapter to connect the device to standard AC power.

audio connnection to amplifier

Connect streaming music player AUDIO OUTPUT to AMPLIFIER.

A Rather Simple Setup

Connect streaming music player to router using supplied Ethernet cable. The device can be given a STATIC IP ADDRESS, or can use DHCP. The device can also be connected using WI-FI (no Ethernet cable needed). Our team helps you get the device configured for your setting.

Use the supplied power adapter to connect the device to standard AC power. You may wish to use a power conditioner, uninterruptible power supply or surge protector.

Connect streaming music player AUDIO OUTPUT to AMPLIFIER. Running amplifier in MONO mode allows use of one input for all speakers (not stereo). Note: Stereo mode sends Left and Right-channel audio to different speakers, which are typically not close enough together to supply the complete L + R signal to your guests. That's why MONO is suggested.

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