A Wireless Solution

Here's a wi-fi speaker system option for your business. Try Brandi free for 14 days..

wireless business music system
wireless speaker in cafe
connect power to business music speaker

Each speaker requires power. Plug in to a standard power outlet using the provided power cord.

plug streaming audio into aux input on music system

Use a 3.5mm audio cable to connect your music source to the Bose SoundTouch AUX input. Select AUX using the touch pad on the speaker, the remote control or the Bose app.

music speaker settings

Download the Bose® Soundtouch App. Following manufacturer's instructions, connect speakers to your wi-fi network. Speakers can be named and grouped. Select AUX as the music source. It's easy to set individual volume settings. The remote control, included with each speaker, makes fine-tuning your room sound easy.

Freedom. Flexibility. Fun.

More music means a more enjoyable customer experience, and the Bose SoundTouch 10 makes it easy. Mount a wireless speaker on a wall, in a corner or in the ceiling.

Speaker control is always within reach. Make adjustments using the included wireless remote control. Use the free app to name each speaker and manage individual speaker volume levels. There’s no need to stay connected to the app after setup.

Your sound is flexible and portable. Bring a speaker or two outdoors to the patio all day and back indoors as needed.

Why use this solution?

  • The speakers can be placed anywhere there is a POWER OUTLET. From there, each speaker connects to the WI-FI in the building. The speakers form a network sharing the same music source. Use this in a small environment that has no wired speakers at this time and owner does not wish to wire in speakers.

  • Any number of speakers can be easily added to the system, just by plugging in a new speaker and registering it in the BOSE APP. Use this in an environment that is expanding, such as adding a patio.

How complicated is the setup?

Implementing the Bose SoundTouch system is designed to be a "do-it-yourself" project.

You will need:

  • Our audio device, which receives the stream and communicates with our servers for maximum uptime. Requires internet connection (wired is preferred, wireless available) and power.

  • Audio cable (included with device) connects to ONE Bose SoundTouch 10 speaker device (plug in aux-in jack on one speaker).

  • SoundTouch 10 – One speaker will be connected to the EOH audio device. Others may be placed elsewhere, where they can connect to the Wi-Fi Network.

  • Internet Wi-Fi Network with DHCP enabled, to allow all of the speakers to connect through the app.

  • Bose SoundTouch App. Free, available for both mobile and desktop. Needed to register the speakers, creating the “system” that shares the audio.

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