Brandi Genre - World

Bring the world to your doorstep with unique rhythms and instrumentation.

Does your business bring the world to your customers? Do you bring your customers to the world? World music channels offer you an authentic global sound for your brand. Imagine the unique instrumentation and rhythms of world music for your business: stylish clothing, import retail, international cuisine, travel agencies, etc.

Beyond Borders

Beyond Borders Jazzy instrumentals with international flair. Brazil, Peru, Africa, Spain, Cuba and beyond.

Irish Celebration

Irish Celebration The perfect St. Patrick's Day soundtrack, in a mix of upbeat folk and rock tracks.

Italian Restaurant

Italian Restaurant Vocal and instrumental favorites from Italy, plus romantic Italian-American classics.

Latin Hits

Latin Hits The perfect blend of upbeat Spanish-language pop, dance and rock music.

Mexican Fiesta

A festive blend of Mexican Music, including Cumbia, Mariachi, Corridos, Conjunto and more.