Brandi Genre - Urban

Recent and current R & B and soul hits.

The best of Urban Contemporary, without the hip-hop, electronic or grime. All of the music in this genre is vocal, featuring top artists and releases from very recent years.

Classic Funk

Energetic 60s and 70s grooves blending R & B, soul and jazz.

Classic R & B

Classic R & B The Soul/Rhythm and Blues start of radio airplay in the 60s and 70s

Funky NOLA

Funky NOLA New Orleans inspired R & B grooves.

Hip Hop [Mainstream Versions]

Hip Hop [Mainstream Versions] Direct from the R&B/Hip Hop Charts, today's most requested artists, edited for mainstream use.

Modern Funk

Modern Funk Today's version of deep funk that has become a worldwide phenomenon.

Slow Jamz

Slow Jamz The best downtempo urban and soul tracks from 2014 through today.

Urban AC

Urban AC The newest R & B and soul hits from contemporary urban radio, without heavy rap.